About Us

Who we are

Ecopole AS, Norway, was founded in 2011 and owns all the IP rights to the product EcoPole. Ecopole AS main focus is

R&D, development and sales of production lines and support to Ecopole Africa and subsidiaries.

The company was funded by a few founding shareholders and with the support from Innovation Norway and Norad.

Today Ecopole have local partners and investors both in East and West Africa.

Ecopole group is a utility pole supplier primarily targeting the continent of Africa .

The Ecopole group aim to become the preferred pole supplier throughout the African markets .

The product of Ecopole group is called ‘EcoPole’, which is an innovative composite utility pole with superior features.

EcoPole Group

Ecopole Africa, holding company for all the

operations in Africa.

Local subsidiaries in Kenya and Senegal


Ecopole Industries Kenya Ltd.



Ethical Guidelines EcoPole Group

The Ecopole group of companies maintains high ethical standards which applies to all our employees, partners, including agents, representatives and consultants acting on behalf of companies in the group.The Ethical guidelines among others addresses principles on; Corruption, Child Labour, Human Rights, Compliance with Antitrust laws and applicable laws and regulations more generally.

The purpose of this procedure is to outline Ecopole Group’s ethical guidelines. This procedure applies to all companies in the Ecopole Group (the “Group”), as well as Directors of any Board og any Ecopole company and employees including agents, representatives and consultants acting on behalf of any companies in the Group. Any partners, suppliers and companies using the Ecopole name, must accede to these guidelines.These Guidelines of Business conduct (the “Guideline”) are believed to be a significant contributor to ensure continued long term success.

The Guideline affirms the Group’s commitment to adhere to high ethical standards, and the requirement for all employees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.Customers, authorities and others shall at all times be able to rely on the Group’s professionalism and integrity. All employees have a duty to read the Guidelines periodically and at all times comply with it. The Guidelines is supplemental to the employment contracts and to laws and regulations valid for the Group’s business conduct.

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