Environmental Impact

EcoPole –
and Light Weight

  • EcoPole is a nontoxic utility pole.
  • Life cycle > 50 years.
  • No pollution to ground water or soil.
  • Light weight – easy transport > 100 poles on a big truck.
  • Installation by hand.
  • Excellent for use in rural areas.
  • Ecopole uses Bamboo as core and reinforcement :
    • Bamboo grow fast and repopulate within a year
    • Bamboo contributes to clean the air for CO2
    • Bamboo contributes to forestation

Did you know that…

Wooden Poles

  • Millions of trees are used as utility poles every year.
  • A tree ready to use as utility pole is > 20 years old.
  • These trees are treated with toxic chemicals.
  • Pollutes the ground water and soil.
  • Huge contributor to deforestation.
  • Life cycle 5-15 years.

Concrete Poles

  • The cement industry is one of the largest contributors to CO2 pollution.
  • A concrete pole have life cycle >15 years.
  • Due to the weight you need a crane during installation, slow installation.
  • High weight prohibits many poles on one truck, expensive transportation.